PowerHUB creates a system that supports inovative projects and startups. Enterpreneurs are guided through a series of incubation stages and may enter the incubation program at whatever stage of business evolution.


Incubation is open for startups with established enterprises, working on the development and realization of their innovative ideas. Startups can receive a financial support up to 50 000 Euro. The goal of this stage is to make the idea bankable and progressive evaluation for graduation to next stage.


Acceleration stage is focused on prototyping the product or service. During this stage, the prototype is completed and tested. The startups can receive a financial support up to 500 000 Euro. Innovators are assisted identify development of revenue model neccessary for monetarization for the next step.


During the final stage we cooperate with external partners and prive financial investment up to 5 000 000 Euro. The goal of this stage is the finalization of the product/service. The companies are supported to link to potential markets. Enterprises test their pitch with investors, mentors, and other teams to prepare for real negotiations with investors of the private sector.

Services we provide

1. Business and corporation mentors
2. Uni background
3. Idea screening and refinement
4. R&D
5. Business development
6. Pitching
7. Negotiation techniques
9. Continous knowledge transfer
10. Linkage to potential markets
12. Focus to middle and east europe
13. Intellectual and Industrial property
14. Patent law

1. Space in secure building
2. Offices in the incubator
3. Meeting rooms
4. Community spaces
5. Office tools
6. Printer, Scanner, Copier
7. Computers for rent
8. High-speed Internet access

1. Networking opportunities
2. Business partners
3. Student organizations
4. Target customers
5. International connections
6. Industrial cooperations
7. International competition
8. Awareness-raising events
9. Online appearance on our sites: official website, facebook, youtube, etc.
10. Presentation at our trade shows and business competitions
11. Connections to strategic partners

1. Venture capital
2. Arrangement of seed capital
3. Training for negotiations with investors
4. Accounting/financial management assistance
5. Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs

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