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Angee created Automated Smart Home Security Solution to make homes a safer place by combining Smart Hardware and Cloud Services to monitor customer's homes and adapt to their individual needs while minimizing user interactions. Angee has recieved 1,300+ preorders through Kickstarter and is about to launch into the US market at the end of this year with an official market launch at CES 2018.
Angee won Prize of Audience in Czech Final PowerUP! 2017 and followingly also 2nd place on Startup World Cup & Summit 2017. In November 2017 Angee succesfully launched their product on US Market.

The company has Sales & Marketing in Palo Alto, US and R&D in Prague, Czech Republic. You can find more information at




eParkomat helps people park in crowded cities. It uses technologies such as Big Data, Machine learning and Neuron networks to predict parking availability in streets. eParkomat started as an idea of Pavel Vrba and Petr Hais back in 2013, they run this idea trough incubator Uqbate and accelerator challengeUP. 2016 there has been made successful spin–off from Deutsche Telekom. In 2017 eParkomat had a successful public roll-out.
As mentioned above, eParkomat uses modern technologies to predict free parking availability on-street. Due to partnerships with mobile operators eParkomat is able to monitor anonymously the movement and behavior of all mobile devices connected to the signaling cellular network. Data from more than 6 million of devices in real-time helps eParkomat to predict free parking availability with high accuracy up to 96%.
eParkomat provide it´s services as the mobile app for end users with premium function of availability of on-street parking in all cities in the Czech Republic bigger than 50.000 inhabitants together with Smart City solutions for parking and mobility area adapted in City of Písek, the pioneer city for technologies of smart cities in the Czech Republic.
eParkomat however, does not stay only in its home country but aspires to cover rest of the Europe. Step to fulfil this has been already taken, there is a pilot abroad in Austria and expansion following the Deutsche Telekom footprint.
Let’s park together!


Ákos Dervalics

Corporate strategy, go-to-market strategy, distribution, business models, innovation management


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