Ready for tough challenges

It all began with the horrible earthquake in Haiti 2010. The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) where there to provide disaster relief. When the night came people where still trapped under wreckage and light was needed to continue the rescue operation. The light equipment used at the time was not mobile or strong enough to handle such a demanding challenge. Precious time was lost where it meant difference in life and death. When we heard of this problem we set out to solve this by challenging the basic architecture of mobile light systems to make sure it would not happen again. In the process of identifying the weaknesses the idea of Baselight was born. A highly mobile light tower that could take the beating of rough handling and yet deliver supreme light in seconds, time after time. Our friends in the construction industry where not late to see the similarities with their rough work environment that they themselves described as a "Organized disaster scene". Their need for smart logistics, agility and performance was exactly the same so their inputs where added to the development. Baselight became even smarter and could now provide several different light configurations and wheels where added for easier transport.

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