Služby komunity PowerHUB


- Bussiness plan consultation
- Market research
- Creating a business model
- Establishing a milestone of development
- Help with establishing a partnership
- Cooperation with private and public institutions
- Connect with potential Central and Eastern European markets
- Bussiness and product mentoring
- Speed up market entry
- Investor pitch training 


- Setting performance parameters
- Introducting key changes
- Building a business network
- Help with entering international markets
- Assistance with accounting and financial issues
- Promoting higher growth


Facility management

- Facilities of professionally equipped offices
- Representative meeting rooms
- Cooperation within the PowerHUB community
- PowerHUB ecosystem support
- Administrative support


SW and HW development

- Detailed requirements analysis and creation of modern SW architecture
- Building demanding software solutions
- HW and SW design, infrastructure, incl. Integration
- Ensure full IT support
- Research, development and innovation
- Preparation and use of neural networks and artificial intelligence


Mobile application

Within PowerHUB, we have both internal specialists and external teams who develop mobile applications right to your needs.

- Research and development - Analysis of Source Value
- Preparation and use of neural networks and artificial intelligence
- Ability to build a product for maximum market penetration



Big Data

- Data analytics for using projects with millions of data sources
- Design of suitable data sources
- Data processing, selection of the most suitable methods for Big Data processing
- Interpretation of Big Data Analysis
- Output automation
- Solve questions:  Where to park? What is the composition of customers? Where do most of the customers come from? Which area is safe? Where do tourists go? What is the concentration of people in the area?



- We design proven and effective Internet of Things assemblies.
- Integration of the latest IoT technology elements
- Accounting services
- Promoting higher growth


Urban Mobility

- Preparing cities for new technologies to come
- Design of a comprehensive solution and infrastructure for electromobility
- Introducing the latest technology
- Use best practice solutions from abroad



Engineering and industrial activities

- Processing of studies and materials for preparation
- Ensuring statements, administrative decisions and discussions with the Office
- Building permit- communication within touched public authorities 
- Construction supervision
- Passportization


EU Funding and Subsidy Management

Do you want to have a successful project, looking for partners in the Czech Republic or Europe for your development or investment project? PowerHUB ensures:

- Identification of suitable projects

- Finding partners in the Czech Republic / EU

- Proposal of a suitable consortium

- Project preparation and setup management

- Successful implementation and launch

- Financing support


Investment and investment finance

- Finding and securing a suitable investor for your project

- Analysis and development of product marketing plan

- Complete administration of investment projects

- Preparation and realization of Due Diligence

- Seed Investment

- Choosing an appropriate grant program

- Gaining development capital

Legal actions

- Help with Company Formation

- Help with transforming business corporations

- Patent proceedings

- Protection of intellectual property


- Accounting services

- Promoting higher growth

Medical and Social HUB

- Health Care Provider General Assessment 

- Analysis – Medical Services, Economics

- Internal Recourses Optimalisation (HR, Technical, Space)

- New Revenue Sources Identification

- Health Care Access Area Coverage Analysis/Optimalisations

- Best Practices Implementation

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