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BeeSafe is a next-generation personal, citizen and corporate safety platform providing safety monitoring of people, citizens, family members or employees. Using smartphone or smartphone watch, BeeSafe monitors their activity and issues an automatic call for help should an incident happen. Based on user behavior, 3rd-party incident reports and advanced analytics, BeeSafe platform creates active crime prevention maps containing incidents, date/time and location, as well threat segmentation, crime reports and activity overview. BeeSafe provides a unique one-of- a-kind safety platform covering a wide array of clients and an extensive range of functionality. Compared to similar solutions, it is an open and modular solution, designed for complex safety management and incident response, aiming to prevent crime before it happens.
Multiferm Technology is innovation for future sustainable energy and waste management. Only Czech Republic produces about 6 milion tons of biodegradable waste every year. The treatment of the waste is from cca 60 % in biogas stations and composting facilities and the rest is landfilled. The percentage of recovery of the waste is increasing. But from composting facilities there is about 1,3 mio. tons of compost which is hardly applicable in legislation conditions of Czech republic. ViaAlta Multiferm technology offers a possibility of alternative way of material recovery of biowaste to biofuel. Via Alta after succesfull pilot is looking for strategic and financial partners to expand with Multiferm on European market. Multiferm is the winner of the Czech PowerUP Competition and 3rd in the European PowerUP Competition.
eParkomat is according to PowerHUB evaluation one of the brightest stars on Czech venture scene. In recent months has been invested by Deutsche Telekom and rapidly enhancing cooperation with ŠKODA Auto DigiLab. eParkomat is helping drivers to find a parking spot by using unique approach of on-street availability prediction based on cellular signaling data from the mobile operators network. In the real time eParkomat algorithms anonymously monitoring movement and behavior of all mobile devices within the T-Mobile network. In Czech republic more than 6 million of devices providing the data 24/7. eParkomat providing service to the drivers via mobile app and for municipalities via the smart city solution. Actually, there is also connected car solution available with viable solutions for the automotive industry in the near future.
E-line has created an innovative charging stations that has no analogues in terms of its technical characteristics and design. The big 150 kw solar power charger for the highways that is totally autonomic and street light post chargers. All main parts are produced plugs by the German manufacturer Phoenix contact. E-Line charging stations are more efficient, equipped with additional functional options and are characterized by a lower price.
We are on the forefront of technological innovation, but more importantly we are on the forefront of constantly improving your experience with technology. We are always inspired to make things better and give you a personalized experience, allowing you to make your life better in the long run. We want for you to be happier, more fulfilled, and less distracted by technology. Angee has the potential to enhance our lives by changing the way we protect and live in our homes. We don’t make products for faceless customers; we make them for the people we care about. Angee is a project we believe has the potential to enhance our lives by changing the way we live in our homes. We don’t make products for customers; we make them for the people we care about.
Czech manufacturer of advanced Lithium batteries for power storage and the licensor of Lithium battery production capacities to global B2B partners. Furthemore EV Battery has own unique technology of battery production line. We are seeking a partner for immediate increasing production capacity of EV construction battery in Czech Republic by 10x. We also looking for partners to sub-licence our Lithium battery production lines and capacities for their applications and their markets.

PinFlow batteries

Pinflow energy storage team is bringing to you a flow battery based energy storage solution that will secure the delivery of electricity to yours customers at minimal costs with long term reliable technology. Our vanadium based redox flow battery technology, thanks to innovations of internal components and electrolyte manufacturing technologies, has business defining benefits over competitors and as such will, with your help, shape a future of energy storage industry. Let Pinflow energy storage team to bring a power in flow to your home, industry and grid.
We at Pet finder want to deliver to our user not only way to locate their pet, but a way to make their lives with pets easier and more fun. On our application they will find several fun options for locating, but also, tips and tricks on pet food & accessories, pet friendly locations rated by pet owners! Aplication will be localized for every country so, you will be able to use it everywhere! This is a great news for tourists and every other pet owner. By the end of the year we hope to start our own production as well as start sales in other countries- Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Austria or Czech. Since our product can easily be adapted to other sales markets, we will cooperate with goverment organizations with canine units, insurance companies etc.

PowerContact HedgeHog

PowerContact developed HedgeHog. Maintenance-free Joints, which are innovative products to connect strong current bus-bars, cables for safer, sustainable electricity networks with significantly less maintenance costs and less risk to fail operation and damaging the electricity network even in case of short circuit. HedgeHog is not only for transformer stations, but also for city trams lines. Increasing safety and preventing braiking rails due to extreme temperatures.
DIMTech offers smart lightning control and communication unit built inside the lamp for smart city applications. It provides a comprehensive series of functions for cities that wants to become smart by providing services for citizens, tourists and saving energy in public lighting at the same time. DIMTech’s system is a complete software solution and unique hardware modules that can be built in any existing lamp or can be shipped with Lumino-Tech lights.
Wind Energy Wall is an electricity-producer wall to produce electricity where the consumption is. This wall can be mounted on buildings, fits the shape and look of buildings (like stores, office buildings, block houses, etc.). The operation of the wall is silent, and produce electricity at continental urban wind conditions without disturbing the people (no flickering shadows and vibrations). The wall is built-up from separate operating units. 1 unit has 1 kW performance, 10 years warranty. The cut in wind speed is 2,4 m/s. Great for office buildings in cities!
Baselight 420X is the next generation truly mobile LED light tower that brings a massive change in the market for temporary light. It has been developed from the ground up with extensive input from professionals in the rental and rescue industry over several years. Baselight is the only truly portable light system in the world that can produce 50 000 lumens with a power consumption of 420W. The innovative lens technology makes sure that all available light is placed effectively on the ground. Baselight 420X easily outperforms a 4x400W halogen system with about 30% more light. At the same time consuming 75% less energy. But Baselight also helps the customer to reduce costs in other ways for example -Zero maintenance, Small storage space, Low energy consumption, Low transport cost, One-person operation. Baselight is designed with light and strong materials and has a weight of 35Kg (77lb). This means that Baselight can easily be moved around on a site where it is best needed without any assisting machinery or additional manpower. Switch between 360-degree light or 180-degree floodlight in a matter of seconds.
With M-Climate you can finaly know what is happening in your home while you are away and also able to control your home remotely. That provides comfortable temperature and low electricity bills. It is easy-to-install, supporting IoT devices, that retrofit your old heating/cooling appliances and convert them into smart ones. M-Climate is an app that brings your home in the palm of your hand 24/7 monitoring and control. Artificial Intelligence algorithms learn your habits and figure out how to bring you best comfort at lowest cost. Analytical tool provides you with information about how much electricity consumes each of your home appliances.

Multicarrier PLC Modem

PLC Modem creates local telecommunication networks based on own PLC modems operational on medium voltage power lines for connection of smartmeters in outlying areas in accordance with the requirements European union for smart grid development. On the basis of European Union directive 72/2009 must be created telecommunication infrastructure for smartmettering by the end of 2020. Such infrastructure will present conglomerate of several transmission techniques in accordance of area specifics and leading to minimum purchase costs. The wireless networks complemented by PLC networks of existing medium and high voltage power lines is the best telecommunication infrastructure conglomerate for smartmettering purposes
Elysis integrates data from various sources (CEPS, OTE CZ, production and consumptions predictions), into one web based real-time interface. It also switches from one deal per year into day and intra-day trading. Real time signals enter the position. Elysis is integrated with consumer’s variable need for power. It switches from long-term contracts into short-term using signals for hedging based on predicted power generation (e.g. for solar plants, wind plants)

City Barometr

We have found out that municipality management more and more would like to know what their inhabitants think about problems of their city. Currently, there is no fast and cheap way to find it out. Therefore, we developed a solution. Our CIty Barometer is a system which helps cities to analyse problems of their city according to local people. Every city gets its own web & mobile research app with representational panel of their local people. Municipality management can easily launch an automated research from various and most common (+20) research assignments.
Circlee is a Community based, unified energy sharing solution to Charging Problem. V2V Charging changes direct EV to EV DC/DC energy sharing: fast, clean, efficient All Charging Options and their Status show charging stations and businesses with their rating, predicted availability and payment methods. EV owners can connect, message each other, seek help & advice.

Angee Technologies

Angee created Automated Smart Home Security Solution to make homes a safer place by combining Smart Hardware and Cloud Services to monitor customer’s homes and adapt to their individual needs while minimizing user interactions. Angee has recieved 1,300+ preorders through Kickstarter and is about to launch into the US market at the end of this year with an official market launch at CES 2018. Angee won Prize of Audience in Czech Final PowerUP! 2017 and followingly also 2nd place on Startup World Cup & Summit 2017. In November 2017 Angee succesfully launched their product on US Market. The company has Sales & Marketing in Palo Alto, US and R&D in Prague, Czech Republic. You can find more information at