Greenele Oy/Hidas

Greenele is making charging electric vehicles easier and more affordable than ever before by developing a charging station that is designed for ease of use and affordability with metering and billing options. By combining Mode 3 (Type 2) charging with a low power output of 3.7 kW, the product can give user more than 200 […]

Via Alta – Multiferm

Multiferm Technology is an innovation for future sustainable energy and waste management. The only Czech Republic produces about 6 million tons of biodegradable waste every year. The treatment of the waste is from 60 % in biogas stations and composting facilities and the rest is landfilled. The percentage of recovery of the waste is increasing. […]


Wind Energy Wall is an electricity-producer wall to produce electricity where the consumption is. This wall can be mounted on buildings, fits the shape and look of buildings (like stores, office buildings, blockhouses, etc.). The operation of the wall is silent, and produces electricity at continental urban wind conditions without disturbing the people (no flickering […]

Bidi Charge

Bidi Charge is an investment platform for semi-public charging points where EV drivers, landowners and CPOs are interconnected. By bringing the missing resources such as investments and assessed sites, we enhance the charging experience of EV drivers

Campfire Solutions GmbH

By providing customers access to an intuitive AI-driven software to analyze sensor data easily, as well as a network of energy experts, we offer energy efficiency as a service.

Deveci Tech/ENLIL

ENLIL is a smart vertical axis wind turbine project that transforms highways into renewable energy sources by using winds created by the vehicles as well as natural winds. We offer a cheap , accessible and eco friednly energy source for cities.


AluAir’s lightweight and high-energy-density aluminum-air battery system contributes to the shift towards electricity and promotes the adoption of clean transportation. AluAir as a sustainable and efficient power source for small-scale electric vehicles, it offers a solution to the limited range and charging infrastructure issues faced by users.


MinervaS offers innovative solutions in the energy and automotive sectors towards the reduction of CO2 and the on-board energy management. The product of MinervaS can be customised for any propulsion (conventional, hybrid, electric or fuel cells).TruckY is the ADAS plug&play device capable of reducing fuel consumption up to 15% and the containment of the related […]

Ossby Folding Bikes

At Ossby, we convert recycled plastics and fibers into innovative electric vehicles to move around the city. We manufacture in Spain unique folding bikes and ebikes to help cities be greener and more sustainable. We manufacture unique folding ebikes to help people move in a sustainable, healthier & faster way within cities. Our bikes are […]


Pinflow energy storage team is bringing to you a flow battery-based energy storage solution that will secure the delivery of electricity to your customers at minimal costs with long-term reliable technology. Our vanadium-based redox flow battery technology, thanks to innovations of internal components and electrolyte manufacturing technologies, has business-defining benefits over competitors and as such […]