The future belongs to smart municipalities – cities and towns that use the latest digital technologies and online solutions to guarantee a better quality of life. We use intelligent innovations like autonomy, data analysis, and IoT together with emission-free mobility solutions to elegantly manage your town’s complex needs.

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Power for municipalities

Smart City Consulting & Training

You can’t make a city smart overnight, but it takes even longer without the proper know-how. Our training and consultants make it easier and faster to bring your municipality into the 21st century.

Finding & Testing Solutions

New ideas for old problems are waiting just around the corner. We help you find them. Through market research, prototyping, and scouting within a network of partners, we can unlock your potential to overcome your greatest obstacles in mobility, energy, urban planning, and digital technologies.

Project Development & Management

Many great ideas suffer from improper execution – make sure your vision survives the process. Our expert project managers take you from idea to delivery through careful organization, planning, and evaluation.

Networking & Community

We help you connect. Join our network and get access to a vast community focused on sustainability. With us, you can build synergy and test innovative services in a living lab.

Case studies

Our Success Stories
app fof smart charging

EV Charging: Automated and Simplified

In Říčany and the Turkish city Izmir, we solved the problem of inefficient and expensive electric vehicle charging with PowerManagement. It is a versatile and easy-to-install software that manages the charging process by using the lowest tariff possible while also ensuring the vehicle is ready when needed.

autonomus transport in cities and towns

Autonomous Transport

The safe driverless transport of goods and people is already possible. In Prague and Brno, we have successfully piloted the operation of autonomous shuttles which gave rides to over 3,000 passengers, and delivery robots which delivered over 130 parcels. Contact us to learn how your area can benefit, whether it is a hospital, industrial zone, or residential area with everyday traffic.

logistics microdepot


In logistics, the last mile is often the hardest. Using data analysis, we simplify this process by creating a hub for delivering parcels in crowded city centres. Prague is a great example where such a depot already exists. With this solution, delivery was streamlined and managed effectively.


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Use the newest technology to send your citizens into a new age of sustainable urban life.