International Projects

Complex ESG assessment for your business 

  • Our ESG7 tool helps you identify and report your company's environmental and social impacts
  • includes online self assessment + additinal consutlancy on how to develop your business
  • tailored solution to evaluate your suppliers  

EU-Funded Web Transformation: PowerHUB, a leader in innovative projects, is set to revamp its online presence with EU funding. This project aims to enhance user experience, improve navigation, and optimize for search engines, all while showcasing PowerHUB's commitment to sustainable energy solutions. It aligns with the Next Generation EU initiative for recovery and resilience, emphasizing transparency and public awareness.

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Powermanagement will address current bottlenecks and provide sustainable one stop shop solution for operators of the parking spaces / garages with EV chargers for European cities infrastructure through a robust SW platform to manage efficiently available power and reduce grid and instalation cost.

LivingLAPT: future apt LIVING Lab for Autonomous Public Transport

LivingLAPT aims at delivering sustainable/transferrable autonomous shuttle/logistics services among various European cites by phasing out the on-board safety operators & introducing remote operators who overlook a number of services simultaneously.


LogiCycle creates delivery ecosystems in low emissions city zones with reverse logistics for commercial returns. The project optimizes courier services and trips to reduce CO2 emissions, while upgrading IT algorithms and designing logistics systems for effective delivery and drop off.


The urgent need for decarbonization of mobility requires the exponential growth of electric vehicles, but the insufficient public charging infrastructure and expensive private chargers present challenges. SELECTIVE proposes a shared economy framework for electric chargers through an app that lets hosts rent their electrified parking space to guests, providing hosts with an extra revenue stream and denser charging coverage without new infrastructure deployment.

VaV softwarové platformy Startup Power Engine

Unikátní platforma Startup Power Engine pro rozvoj startupů (pro jejich řízení, rozvoj a scoring).


WEEE-NET sets up a novel e-waste (WEEE) recycling business ecosystem by introducing an innovative mixture of gravitational, hydro- and bio-metallurgical technologies. Beneficiaries of this innovative technology are WEEE recycling plants, collectors, and sorters as well as territorial waste management public authorities.

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Designed by professionals for professionals.

Highly mobile area lighting products in an unmatched portable format for maximum logistics benefits.

WalCycData - Data infrastructure for vulnerable road users

  • WalCycData aims to increase the safety and experience of vulnerable road users, namely cyclists and pedestrians, by integrating and analysing bicycle and pedestrian data.
  • For more information visit our product page

CES4Kids - Children and youth empowerment through Decidim digital platform

CES4Kids creates educational content about sustainable mobility to be used in class as well as hands-on learning activities and organises awareness-raising events. It also enables the elaboration, debate and prioritisation of proposals for improving public space and mobility services through the citizen engagement digital platform DECIDIUM.

Blockchain4UM - Training and use case definition to leverage Blockchain technologies in urban mobility initiatives.

  • Blockchain4UM project offers a training and use case definition to leverage blockchain technologies in Urban Mobility initiatives.
  • Basis Blockchain course is available here 

IoTa - IoT applications for cities.

IoTa project offers a training and use case definition to leverage IoT technologies in Urban Mobility initiatives.

An evaluation management platform.

  • a useful tool for selecting projects 
  • variability of criteria and evaluating process
  • fast evaluation and result delivery

A distribution platform that enables effective, fast, and reliable decision-making in crisis situations.

  • records on the current status available aids
  • choice of distribution priorities, filtering by many criteria 
  • sending all data to the dispensing point 

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An interactive platform for effective public involvement in town and village planning.

  • a modern tool for improving the quality of life in cities and towns 
  • obtained data are processed and clearly displayed in the GIS system
  • easily integrated with Smart Cities technologies

A modern platform that contributes to the security of public space.

  • real-time data collection and their anonymized interpretation
  • notification of the current risk and safety situation
  • evaluation of risk areas and their security level


Boost the potential of Young Innovators to pioneer change in energy efficiency inside the Danube Macro-region

Revolutionizing Sustainable Urban Transportation with Precise Micromobility Parking
Expert-led educational programs to enhance the skills of urban mobility professionals amidst the sector's disruptive transformation.