QLX smarttrass offers the smart solution for nD infrastructure design with the integration of the BIM method.


SHQUARED is a B2B space sharing marketplace. Business owners can offer their vacant space to entrepreneurs looking for affordable business space. Our marketplace enables users to find high quality offers and make fast, easy, and secure transaction.

Solum Photovoltaic Innovation SL.

Solum provides a solution for docking and charging electric vehicles such as scooters or bicycles. Thanks to its technology, a solar pavement, Solum can install an autonomous and sustainable station anywhere without disturbing the urban environment.

Tirn Technology

Created a cloud-based software for collaboration between municipalities, operators, and manufacturers that eases the adoption of e-buses. It predicts e-bus performance, charging needs, TCO, and CO2 footprint,thanks to simulating in multiple scenarios.


Velow offers sustainable urban micro mobility that pays off ? for its users, their fellows, the city. velow is a closable e-bike with car comfort. It enables its users to be mobile and safe, while riding towards a better world, km by km, every day. velow combines the advantages of a bike and a car. […]


Luma is creating an intelligent cloud algorithm and user app that aggregates and manages the charging and discharging of Electric Vehicles parked throughout a city, creating virtual batteries at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy storage. Luma installs chargers at client buildings. Our software manages the charging of these EVs allowing us to […]


Isarsoft is developing a video-analytics software to help mobility planners understand usage of their infrastructure with the click of a button unlike sensors or manual surveys.

Alli Hop Travel

Allihop makes it easy for employees to access green travel. Allihop is the first green business travel platform with direct booking capacity for trains, buses, e-cars, e-scooters and bikes. Soon available all over Europe.

Eljun AB

Eljun is developing a digital and unified platform where, through collaboration with multiple stakeholders within eMobility, we optimize the digital infrastructure for electronic vehicles.