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Cristina is Partner at Aphaia, an ICT consultancy focused on data protection, telecommunications regulation and AI ethics. She is a lawyer and also a data expert on the legal, business and technical side. Cristina holds a MSc in Data Analytics & Cognitive Intelligence, a LL.M in Data Protection, ICT & Cyber Law, Telecom Law & Media Law and another LL.M in Legal Practice. Her dual profile as a lawyer and data scientist provides her with 360º data skills that she has applied to several projects during her tenure as a Privacy Advisor, and in her role as the Data Protection Officer to a number of vibrant businesses, including London and Silicon Valley tech start-ups in the areas of finance, sharing economy, e-commerce and software development. She is also part of the EU AI Alliance and participates as a member of the ethics board in EU H2020 projects. Before working at Aphaia, Cristina worked as a Project Manager at an international trade company based in Vietnam, and participated as companies’ defence counsel in the Madrid Court of Arbitration for the resolution of e-commerce and e-advertising disputes.