Groundbreaking Autonomous Technology Pilots in Prague and Brno

In 2023, PowerHUB spearheaded pioneering pilots in Prague and Brno, showcasing autonomous technology’s vast potential. These pilots, part of a larger initiative to enhance urban mobility, attracted significant attention and participation, offering a sneak peek into a future where transportation is automated, safer, and more efficient.

Prague and Brno Pilots: PowerHUB at the Helm

PowerHUB’s commitment to advancing autonomous technology was vividly demonstrated in Prague and Brno, where over 745 individuals experienced the convenience of Aurrigo autonomous shuttles first-hand, covering distances of 120km in Brno alone. The initiative also featured the successful deployment of BringAuto‘s delivery robot, which made 70 package deliveries, reaching a total of 17km.

Participant Feedback: A Resounding Approval of Autonomous Technology

The pilots were not just about demonstrating technology but also about gauging public perception and acceptance. A comprehensive user acceptance survey revealed that 73.1% of Brno participants felt very safe or somewhat safe during their autonomous shuttle rides. Moreover, an overwhelming 83% expressed their likelihood to use such services for their last-mile mobility needs, indicating a bright future for autonomous transportation in urban settings.

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Bridging Autonomous Technology and Community

The pilots in Prague and Brno were more than technological showcases; they were community events that brought together people from all walks of life. In Prague, the autonomous shuttle rides became a highlight at the Prague Expo, catering to a diverse audience, including students, municipality representatives, and even people testing wheelchair accessibility. The initiative’s success was also amplified by substantial media coverage, underscoring the public’s growing interest in and acceptance of autonomous technology.

Join the Autonomous Revolution with PowerHUB

PowerHUB invites you to be part of this transformative journey. As we continue to refine and expand our autonomous technology pilots, your participation and feedback are invaluable. Together, we can shape a future where autonomous transportation is not just a vision but a daily reality.

The success of the Prague and Brno pilots marks just the beginning of PowerHUB’s journey towards revolutionizing urban mobility. With plans to expand these pilots and incorporate more advanced features, PowerHUB is at the forefront of creating a sustainable, efficient, and autonomous transportation ecosystem. Join us in redefining the future of mobility.

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