PowerHUB becomes media partner of AMPER 2024

PowerHUB is proud to announce its media partnership with AMPER, the largest international trade fair for electrical engineering, energy, automation, communication, lighting, and security in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With over 380 exhibitors already registered and an expected attendance of 25,000 experts, this partnership is set to electrify the world of electrical engineering.

AMPER: Leading the Charge in Electrical Engineering

AMPER has established itself as the foremost event for electrical engineering professionals. It offers a comprehensive presentation of companies at the highest level in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This exceptional fair fosters discussions on technological advancements, commercial partnerships, marketing collaborations, and the establishment of new contacts.

Shining a Light on Innovation

At AMPER, you can expect to find the latest trends and innovations in various fields:

  • Automation, Digitization, and Building Management: Stay at the forefront of these cutting-edge technologies.
  • Measuring and Testing Devices: Discover the tools that are transforming industries.
  • Electrical Installations, Lighting, and Security: Explore modern solutions for safer and more efficient environments.
  • Energy Sources and Storage: Learn about the latest advancements in power generation and storage.
  • Electronic Modules and Components: Get insights into the building blocks of modern electronics.
  • Electromobility: Stay informed about the future of transportation.

AMPER: An International Hub

The AMPER trade fair draws exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. In the last edition, 400 companies from 24 countries participated, including Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Taiwan, and Switzerland. The event transcends the boundaries of the exhibition center and its dates.

Why AMPER Matters

AMPER offers a plethora of opportunities, including:

  • Networking and Relationship Building: Connect with industry experts and gain valuable insights.
  • Enhancing Brand Image: Elevate your brand’s presence and reputation.
  • Competitive Edge: Strengthen your competitive position and customer relationships.
  • Effective Product Presentation: Showcase your products and services to a wide audience.
  • Educational Events: Attend conferences, seminars, trainings, and workshops on industry topics.

The GOLD AMPER Competition

AMPER also hosts the prestigious GOLD AMPER competition, highlighting exhibits that stand out in terms of quality and innovation. These exhibits reflect the latest development trends in the industry.


Electromobility is a recurring theme at the AMPER trade fair, as showcased in the AMPER e-MOTION show.

PowerHUB: Connecting with the Future

As a media partner of AMPER, PowerHUB is ready to help you network and build new business opporutnities.

Stay tuned for updates on the fair preparation on our LinkedIn page.

For more information about AMPER, visit amper.cz.

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