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EU-Funded Web Transformation: PowerHUB, a leader in innovative projects, is set to revamp its online presence with EU funding. This project aims to enhance user experience, improve navigation, and optimize for search engines, all while showcasing PowerHUB's commitment to sustainable energy solutions. It aligns with the Next Generation EU initiative for recovery and resilience, emphasizing transparency and public awareness.


PowerHUB is set to revamp its online presence, backed by EU funding from the “Creative Vouchers” program under project number 0380000609, “PwH – redesign webu.” This initiative aims to enhance PowerHUB’s digital platforms to effectively communicate its innovative services.

The main goal is to boost the visibility of PowerHUB’s work. EU funding will support a comprehensive website overhaul, aligning with the company’s mission.

Key Project Goals:

  • Elevate user experience and engagement.
  • Improve website navigation and architecture.
  • Optimize for search engines.
  • Express brand identity.
  • Generate leads and conversions.


  • Enhanced User Experience: The redesign will simplify access to essential information.
  • Innovative Design: Modern aesthetics meet user-friendliness.
  • Resource Accessibility: Convenient access to project documents.
  • Acknowledging EU Support: Prominent display of EU backing.

Next Generation EU Initiative:

This project is supported by Next Generation EU initiative, the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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